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Building inclusive pedagogy


The 3•6•12+Incubator is a new, experimental artistic modul bringing inclusive ideas through art closer to students in pedagogy training whilst utilising the techniques of visual education and techniques of built environment education.


Contributing partners in this project are the Association for Inclusion – with the vision to create connection between disabled and non-disabled kids with the idea of building an inclusive and diverse society - and the 3•6•12+ Visual Skills Lab – with the vision to create a creative and innovative educational platform for teachers in training and for art and visual culture teachers.


This common project became possible with the support of LEGO Local Community Engagement (LCE) programme.

What is it exactly?

Our project, started in summer 2022, has the main aim to get the teachers-to-be familiar with the inclusion of those kids who are not receiving quality education either because being neurodivergent, disabled, or being non-disabled but whose needs do not make their way in the current school system in Hungary. This methodology is providing a tool for teachers in training to get a common understanding and to acquire the know-how of the concept of learning through art, learning through play and learning through inclusion.

In Hungary the theory and the practice of inclusive approach is not common at all neither in the educational curriculum nor in the educational institutions even though there are more and more kids diagnosed with certain type of disability (ADHD, autism, SEN, etc.). Pupils diagnosed as disabled are mainly educated in a separate school system (despite of international recommendations and guidelines regarding inclusive pedagogy). The missing connection between the pedagogy training and special needs pedagogy training is one of the many factors which are leading to segregation not only in the school system but also in our society. Therefore our aim is to get the students in teacher training understand what it means to work with disabled, neurodivergent and/or underprivileged kids.


With the use of our different disability awareness programmes (which are mainly created by using LEGO bricks) students can not only acquire the methodology of learning through play, but through self-experience they learn what it means being disabled or underprivileged. Further elaboration and self-reflection is creating empathy and understanding so the inclusive ideas are getting familiar and becoming an internalised concept of the future’s teachers.


With the collaboration of 3•6•12+ Visual Skills Lab (Department of Visual Education, Eötvös Lorand Science University Faculty of Primary and Pre-school Education, ELTE TÓK, Budapest, Hungary) we aim for presenting our methodology to broader audience in order to open up exchange of views and ideas, to inspire and get inspired for an inclusive society.


Publications: MAPPING


14-16 June 2023, Hungary, Budapest – 6th Conference of Art Education 

4-8 September 2023, Turkey, Çanakkale - InSea - The International Society for Education Through Art World Congress 2023

Our programmes

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